Essay about Teenage Delinquency

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This essay identifies some of the factors that contribute to teenage delinquency. Many experts disagree on the fundamental ideas about the causes of teen violence. There has been long lasting disagreements surrounding the Nature Vs Nurture controversy. Nature refers to the idea that teenage delinquents are born naturally violent as a result of genetic disorders, it is assumed that the genes an individual has inherited makes some teens behave violently. Nurture refers to the ways that people learn to behave violently as a result of their surroundings. The causes of teenage delinquency are greatly based on nurture due to the juvenile youth experiencing or witnessing parental violence in the home, living in a violent
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For example, Charles, a fifteen year old boy was charged with juvenile assault as he attempted to injure a classmate and he knows where he got the idea of hitting people from, “ I learned from my father that punching and slapping are what you do when someone makes you angry.” (Goodwin, 1998) Furthermore, children that live with domestic violence may believe that violence is the normal response to problems in personal relationships as well as learn how to physically harm someone by observing the violent behaviour of their parents. Secondly, Teenage delinquency can arise if a teenager has been rejected by their friends due to violent or aggressive behaviour, the rejections can lead to the lack of proper socialization skills causing adolescents to associate themselves with anti-social peer groups that promote aggressive behaviour. Peer influence is a powerful force that causes adolescents to develop delinquent behaviour and it can pressure teens to get involved in negative activities such as smoking and drinking in order to feel accepted by their peers. Teenage delinquency can also arise by the increase of violent street gangs, teens often join gangs for status, respect and for a feeling of belonging that is denied to them in everyday life. Teenagers that are rejected by their friends will join gangs to associate with people who are

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