Analysis Of Beyond Scared Straight

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Recently I was watching Beyond Scared Straight, a show that broadcasts a juvenile crime prevention program that takes place in prisons around the U.S. In this episode a 17-year-old boy, Jerahn, was facing up to 35 years in jail for credit card fraud. Many would agree and say yes that this boy being nearly an adult should be mindful of his own actions and deserves his sentence. While others,like myself, believe that he should receive a less severe punishment and not be tried as an adult. Each year American juveniles are given sentences that affect their lives greatly. Instead of isolating these juveniles from the world, we should try to reintegrate them back into society by putting them into juvenile facilities that will eliminate them …show more content…
This then results in family, friends, and community being a major part of the development of the young. People argue that juveniles are aware of their actions but what they fail to acknowledge is juveniles are easily influenced by others. Joseph Wickliffe states, “The family is, therefore, an important factor in the forces that determine delinquency. The family determines a child’s class, structure, and development, and the nourishing process is vital to the formation of a child’s development. Family exerts the most influence on a human being. Any severe disturbance in one or both parents can produce a devastating negative impact on a juvenile”(“Why Juveniles Commit Crimes”, Yale). Therefore, this expands on a family being an important part of a juvenile 's development because they are one of the biggest influences and juveniles tend to conform to rules in their family setting. When juveniles are in families with no good role models or the absence of a family member it raises the risk of them committing crimes and receiving harsh consequences. Juveniles are mentally unable to make good judgments and if the people around them who have a vast impact on their lives were positive influences the juveniles would not be impelled to commit crimes leading to imprisonment, so why should some …show more content…
They have not yet realized what is truly acceptable and are still immature. Adolescents have no level of maturity, thought process, decision making, experience, or wisdom to be charged as an adult because they are still experiencing life. After adolescence occurs juveniles tend to move toward a more mature sense of themselves and their purpose (“Adolescent development”, MedlinePlus). They begin thinking for themselves without the strong influence they once had from others. It will take time for juveniles to grow up and become socially acceptable to adults.

I believe that juveniles should not be tried in adult court and given adult sentences due to their immaturity. I think juvenile facilities should be a place youths are sent to instead of prison to give them a chance to becoming law-abiding citizens. This facility should have counselors that will help put these adolescents on the correct path that will help them learn how to deal with their feelings and assessing why they committed these crimes. We should be willing to give a chance to the ones that can benefit and learn from their

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