Teenage Childbearing Should Not Be A Social Problem Essay

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have been able to turn to newer contraceptive methods such as the morning after pill, depo-provera, etc. (Furstenberg, 2003) So, if teenage childbearing rates are declining and more awareness is being brought to the topic, why is teenage childbearing still considered a deviant act and a social problem? One possible reason is that society has created a definition and a reputation for teenage childbearing over the years. So, despite a decline in teenage childbearing rates and new research suggesting teenage childbirth is not as devastating as it was once believed, society’s social and moral belief about teenage childbearing has not changed. Society believes that teens are not adequately prepared to raise a child, when teens are considered still children themselves. Many argue that teens do not have the knowledge, skill, or responsibility to raise a child. Furstenberg also suggests that teenage childbearing is considered to be a social problem since the funding for education, welfare, etc., is coming from tax payers’ dollars. Although the issue has seen a decline in rates, Furstenberg emphasizes that, “Yet, a steady stream of professional and popular literature still continues to emphasize the considerable costs of early childbearing to the public and to the families of adolescent mothers.”(Furstenberg 2003) Furstenberg also criticizes the way in which the United States has set up their education system surrounding teenage childbearing. Furstenberg states that one of…

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