Teen Suicide Rates in Alaska Essay

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A Review of Temporal trends and geographic patterns of teen suicide in Alaska, 1979-1993. Bradford D Gessner. Suicide & Life - Threatening Behavior. New York: Fall 1997. Vol. 27, Iss. 3; pg. 264, 10 pgs

Temporal Trends and Geographic Patterns of Teen Suicide in Alaska, written by Bradford D. Gessner, reported the findings of a study on teen suicide rates in Alaska. Using death certificates and U.S. census data to record trends in suicide rates among Alaskan teens ages 14-19, it was found that the teen suicide rate was 31.5 per 100,000 persons each year. The study tested three hypotheses, the first being that the overall suicide rate of Alaska teens ages 14-19 during 1979-1993 would vary according to residence, gender, race, and
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Other analyses were completed with the same dependent variable but using a square root transformation to accommodate the variation in suicide rates. Multiple linear regression analysis was conducted utilizing all independent variables that correlated with the suicide rate at the 95% confidence interval in order to examine the independent outcomes of census area-level demographic variables. This analysis paralleled the univariate analysis, using actual census area-level suicide rate and a square root transformation as the dependent variable. Results showed that the number of suicides ranged from 0 to 53, with the highest suicide rates occurring in the northern and western regions. The correlation of other demographic features included the following: percentage of high school graduates age 25 and older; population percentage of Alaska Natives; population percentage of 14-19 year olds; per capita income; percentage of unemployed residents ages 16 and older; “and the ratio of married-couple family households to total family households” (Bureau of the Census, 1992). The results suggested that suicide rate was inversely related to the percentage of family households with a married couple, Alaska Natives, high school graduates, and the average income per person. Related directly to suicide

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