Essay about Teen Pregnancy Is Not A New Matter

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Although teen pregnancy is not a new matter, the cultural response and aspect in being a teenage mother outlines a discriminative idea of “social acceptance.” I argue that celebrity glamorization of unplanned teen pregnancy has persuaded some average teenagers that adolescent pregnancy is socially acceptable. In three articles, not only is the examination and comparison of average teenage mothers and celebrities made but the idea that pregnancy is seen as a “disaster” is also prominent. Adolescent pregnancies are not always unwanted nor unplanned. Hollywood stars such as Jamie Lynn Spears have been associated with the rise of both intended and unintended pregnancy situations among teenage girls. Various responses to the take on teen pregnancy have showed a cultural rift that extends through things such as media and other shifting perspectives.
While numerous Americans were astonished to hear about 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spear’s pregnancy, thousands of young teenage girls were eased by the idea that celebrities live through realistic problems as well. Teen pregnancy does not affect those who are deemed “bad girls.” Teen pregnancy is a matter that can happen to anybody. In “Growing Up Too Fast,” People Magazine Writer Molly Lopez, studies and relates the lives of six average teen moms to celebrity teen moms like Jamie Lynn Spears. In Spear’s hometown, Kentwood, Los Angeles, it has been speculated that Jamie is only one teen of several who are pregnant in this town. “For girls…

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