Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy Essay

769 Words Jun 30th, 2016 4 Pages
I think shows like Teen Mom have now began to glamorize teen pregnancy because of the money and capitalism that goes on behind the scenes, that TV viewers are unable to see. In the first season of Teen Mom, which was originally called Sixteen and Pregnant, this show seemed more realistic, displaying financial, relationship, and family strains and difficulties because of a teenage pregnancy than Teen Mom that is not being shown on TV for young girls to watch. The mothers on Teen Mom are in a very privileged position, much different than average young mothers, because they are signed a contract with an attractive pay, to be featured on the show. This new generous income allows them to more easily take care of themselves and their children without the intense pressure of extreme financial hardships. Also, it is interesting what the producers of the show actually feature and film, because many typical daily duties of taking care of children includes not so glamorous chores like diaper changing, breastfeeding, and cleaning the house. However, many of these activities are not featured because they do not present an interesting storyline, and instead only scenes that involve drama are preferred. The show also fails to include other nontraditional pregnancies, even more nontraditional than teen pregnancy alone. This includes young women who were raped and who are even homeless women, which may make it too difficult or seem too controversial to be featured on a show that already…

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