Teen Illiteracy Essay

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On average teens send about 67 text daily, and they do it just about anywhere, even while driving. In recent days all smart phones now come with spell check and all though initially this was thought to be a helpful aid the only thing speck check has helped out is teen illiteracy. Teens use cell phones to communicate mainly to their friends in a rapid way, needless to say they do not have time to correctly spell out each word in fact often they abbreviate. No one is forced to use proper grammar and spelling when texting this is the reason why texting affects teen literally. Text language is a special kind of format teens use when texting other friends. Often this language shows up on school work since it is so frequently used it is permanently …show more content…
When students take these test they are without the use of phones and access to the internet. Sometimes they are even left without a dictionary. They are doing poorly on these test because they do not know the proper way to spell and that reflects on their english grades. While teens grades suffer so do their social lives. Often they are weak in communication skills because they feel so confident behind the screen. “Writing, however, is not just a method of communication and expression. Several researchers have found that, much like reading, improving one 's writing skills improves one 's capacity to learn.” (Adlit.org) Another way texting affects teens is their necks! Teens develop a “texting neck” which then they have to go to the chiropractor to fix, this has serious issues that can last a lifetime. Texting can also damage your eyesight which then people get laser eye surgery to fix, also so much texting can damage your hand as well. “The “pain after texting” phenomenon is already known in adults, where it was known as “Blackberry thumb” because it often developed after using that smartphone’s tiny keyboard. But according to a study presented at the 2011 annual congress of the European League Against Rheumatism, kids are also experiencing significant joint pain in their wrists and fingers caused by frequent texting on cell phones and playing video games.” ( everydayhealth.com ) Children become superficial when they have so much technology their reality of the world is so morphed that when it comes time to grow up they are let down by what actually is the reality of the true world. Children grow up with bad habits because their parents are letting them do whatever they want, children even get mad and snap if you interrupt them while they are of their phones. Phones are making it harder for parents to raise their children if they are always on their phones. A way to fix this is by

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