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Vermont Teddy Bear Report
1) How would you describe Vermont Teddy Bear (VTB)’s business model (the products and services it sells, target market/s to whom it sells them, the value proposition it offers, and its financial model)?
Vermont Teddy Bear (VTB) has been found by John Sortino in 1981. This company has served as a gift delivery service with three main product lines: Bears (plush toys), PajamaGrams (apparel), and Calyx Flowers (gifts). All gift orders are made via four different channels (retail store, mail, phone, web order), each channel supported by different software. First, VTB’s customers design bears by selecting the colors and outfits from a menu of options.
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Having to temporarily stop production significantly hinders VTB in numerous ways. Although the veteran IT department understands the operational needs of VTB, each individual functions as a ‘siloed,’ implying that each technician specializes in one area rather than the entire IT infrastructure. Stizel mentioned that the core transaction processing infrastructure was pretty strong for meeting the operational needs of a company this size. Examples of this are password managements and recovery mechanisms of incomplete orders to complete transactions. In an e-commerce operation, some consumers never complete their transactions for a variety of reasons, but utilizing a device to resume partial transactions will increase sales overall. Despite knowing in advance when VTB’s peak season periods are, the IT system limitations cause slowdowns in processing illustrating the inefficiency in the overall IT architecture.
The biggest concern for the Board of Directors should be the lack of an IT document detailing an inventory of each of the systems. There are many business logic is not documented. Also, when the company lost any IT employees, they lost that logic knowledge that was saved on middleware. On the other hand, one of the main concerns is the ability for IT architecture to expand. As a midsize company, VTB’s determination in complete remodel to their IT system might require additional capital

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