Ted Bear's Story: The Toyville Orphanage

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Everyone talked about how strange Ted Bear was, with his rag clothes and unclean hair. Everyone assumed Ted Bear didn’t have a family. Ted explained that he had a family,but they didn’t want him anymore. No one wanted to listen to Ted’s story. Why was he such an outcast, and did everyone know something he didn’t?
I was only two months old when my parents died. They died in a horrible accident that burned their bodies to nothing but dust. The dust was blown away before police could save it. That’s when they found me, Ted Bear, sitting in the back of my car seat sleeping. They took me to the police station, hoping they could any family members left. Nothing. No one to take me , no one to love me. That’s why I’m here at, “The Toyville Orphanage
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It was Saturday and it was the day when all orphans got to go into the big city. Everyone got twenty dollars in spending money. Most bought clothes, candy, and soda. Ted, however, spent it on superhero books. He had always been so fascinated with them and sometimes he imagined that one would help him find his family. Everyone at the orphanage would make fun of him for believing that they existed, but that didn’t stop Ted. Most of the books he read would have the superheros family and villains. One day while Ted was reading his books under his cover with a flashlight he noticed a tab on the side of his book. What could that be? With caution he pulled the tab revealing a secret …show more content…
They live in the town of Superville.¨
¨Yes. Thatś a secret town that superheros live. No one can see it unless you are a superhero.¨ ¨Where is Superville?¨
¨Here Iĺl show you.¨
As like on que a petite town surrounded Ted Bear and the car.
¨Weŕe here!¨ yelled a voice from the front of the car.
¨Is that my father?¨
¨Yes. Ok, letś get back to the story. So, we were driving in the car when your grandparents came, dressed as the Masked Maniacs, came and acted like we were in a horrible accident. However, everything that happened was all part of our plan. Teddy we didn't want to leave you, we just had to leave because you were too young to come here. So do you see why we had to leave you?¨
¨So...you left me because I was too young to come here? Do all the other superhero babies have to leave, too?¨
¨But how did I find you or did you find me?¨
¨Well letś just say you had a little help from your father and me.¨
¨So I didn't find you, it was another plan, but this plan was to bring me home?¨
¨Yes, thatś right.¨
¨Wait. Do I get to stay now?¨
¨Of course you get to stay. We wouldn't of gone through all this trouble to have you

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