Technology 's Positive Effect On Religion Essay

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Technology’s Positive Effect on Religion
With the many advancements in communication, people have access to much more information than they have ever had before. Many religions have even started to put the new technology to work to help spread thoughts and ideas. Jeff Zaleski comments that “[technology] is like a fire to the world’s religions… it can warm souls to acceptance.” (Wood 448) Technology is easily accessible and many in today’s generation know how to use the various machines. With many ways to access and use technology, it is easy to for religion to spread like a wildfire throughout the world. Technology is helping religion spread through television and social media.
To begin, many religions have started to invest in TV channels. These channels help spread even more gospel principles. At the end of the “Religion and Social Media” documentary there is a message that states, “Whatever the impact, there is no going back.” (“Religion and Social Media”). Although the statement above is a true statement, there is plenty of proof that the impact of television on religion is going to be more beneficial than harmful. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has three main channels that consist of: BYU TV, BYU International, and the Mormon Channel. Statistics show that by making General Conference available through a home television, attendance improved by 30%. They also have commented that “in addition to the 100,000 who participated in… general conference at the…

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