Technology: Steve Jobs's Inventions To The World

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Today, it seems as if everyone owns a phone or computer, and it’s unlikely that someone doesn’t. Electronics managed to do this after the beginning of the personal computer. This wouldn’t have been the case if it wasn’t for one unique business man. Steve Jobs changed the way we use technology by introducing his inventions to the world. Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, by his birth mother, Joanne Schible. After he was born, she moved to San Francisco, and got help with adoptions from a doctor. Joanne wanted parents with a college degree, so when Clara and Paul Jobs came through the doors without her requirement, she made them promise to put him into college, and they agreed (Blumen-thal 7). As Steve was growing up, his parents were …show more content…
If it had been up to him, he would have given away all his new information to the members, but Jobs persuaded him to stop spreading around his ideas (Blumenthal 58). Later, they earned money, and planned out their concepts, but now they needed a name. Coming back from a trip to the All One Farm, Jobs mentioned Apple Computer. After all it was an advantaged since the name put them at the top of the company list (Blumenthal 60). In 1976, Apple was officially a company, and was achieving success averagely, as its originality related to a standard person. (Baughman 1)
By 1982, Apple became the very first personal computer company to have an annual sale of a total of 1 billion dollars. Even with all their products being sold, it began to fumble financially, so in 1985, Steve and Woznick left Apple. (Denson 3). That didn’t make Steve Jobs go away to the world
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Over the next 6 years, he had put in $40 million of his own pocket into the people who set out to be the first computer animated feature film. In February 1996, they named the motion picture, Toy Story, and it was a huge box office hit making the movie a massive achievement. Now all of a sudden, Jobs 80% stake was worth 1 billion dollars (“Steven Jobs” 3). In 1997, Steve had returned to Apple, to help with their financial problems. Ensuring of the company’s stability of not going bankrupt again, Steve made an alliance with Microsoft. Helping with, $205 million dollars, Microsoft receive a 5% stake in Apple in an agreement include Internet Explorer web browser with their computers. Afterwards it didn’t take long for Apple to start making money

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