Technology Is An Integral Part Of A Student 's Daily Activities

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Technology has become an integral part of a student’s daily activities. Kids who can’t speak use the electronic white board. There are educational games and toys that are battery powered and teach children about sound and action and reaction. It is evident that technology has an impact on children 's learning process. Technology is used every day in classrooms, and when it is developmentally appropriate, it is helpful for children. Many teachers are unfamiliar with the basics of installing software that can benefit students during activities. Having this basic understanding of computers can provide an immediate solution and remove the need to depend on IT support, which may be much delayed and may use a lot of time and resources. Statistics reported in a new national survey conducted by Dr. Zhao of the Electronic Journal for the Integration of Technology in Education, out of more than 600 teachers from kindergarten to 12th grade, 50 percent reported that assistance is inadequate when technology in the classroom is used (2005). According to a survey conducted by digedu (2016), a Chicago company that is associated with schools to integrate technology into the classroom (digedu, Willen, 2016). Teachers do not feel confident in using technology in the classroom because they are not trained. If teachers do not feel like they are able to teach using technology appropriately, what have they been doing lately? In recent years, there have been many changes in the use of…

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