Essay on Technology Has Become A Critical Part Of Our Lives

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Technology has become a critical part of our lives. From waking up in the morning with alarms on phones to doing late night expos essays on a laptop or macbook, we utilize technology in numerous facets of our daily life. For students or anyone who has a desire to learn or study, technology plays a prominent role in their education in the contemporary world. Most of the assignments for classes are online for students. In today’s day and age most things have become digital. Things such as groupmeet, google hangouts, chat rooms, study room and etc have become a hub where a group of people collaborate to come up with solutions to problems. That is what “crowdsourcing” is: inviting a group to collaborate on a solution to a problem. Cathy Davidson argues in her text, “Project Classroom Makeover” that crowdsourcing is the step to reform the education. She has many valid points but also places where there are holes in the proposed educational revolution. Crowdsourcing- like technologies are a critical factor to the necessary ways of reforming education due to its educational benefits , however, it cannot be the sole pillar of reforming education due to its social, and health drawbacks. Technology has given us access to things such as the internet, apps, software, and other things that can be utilized for education. Standardized education is something that is limiting the usage of technology according to Cathy Davidson. Learning in class from teachers is not the best way to…

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