Essay on Technology As A Tool For Intellectual And Social Purposes

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Technology is an always evolving theme in American society and abroad. It can be defined in many ways such as being a tool that people use for intellectual and social purposes. Indeed, many people use technology for communication, information, and entertainment, but the degree in which people use them and the extent to which they use them is also broad. What is the degree in which technology is in their lives? How important is technology in different statistics such as generation, age, and sex depend on the use of technology? The study they conducted goes into past research by examining sex and age differences together as well as exploring demographic differences in attitudes towards the use of technology. The research in general technology usage is more prevalent in younger users, and women and older adults have a more negative perception of technology than young adults and men. The study also gives additional reports on the older generations feeling adverse when it comes to technology and the differences in sex conclude women to have fewer technology-related skills. The participants’ demographics and attitudes toward technology were also reported to include feelings of frustration and anxiety related to technology addiction. The participants would use technology to avoid work, personal problems, or face-to-face communication.
Age Differences in General Technology Use
Despite technology use being generally customary in American society, there are data that suggest both…

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