Technology And The Health Care Industry Essay

1022 Words May 14th, 2016 null Page
“IT certifications fill that gap between what government has failed to regulate and what should be expected of modern day IT professionals.” This is a statement from an article on called “5 Reasons Why IT Certificates Still Matter” Certifications show your employer that you have gone above and beyond your average degree. You are willing to learn and become an expert in a certain area which is what most companies are looking for. Also with the tech industry always changing and new threats always presenting itself it is important to continue your education. Certifications allow you to take classes in a certain field to give you new and updated information. According to most jobs that require some sort of certification is either in the tech industry or in the health care industry. These two industries also overlap a lot now that health care has migrated to computers. The days of doctors flipping through charts are nearly gone by now. Some certifications that I see on are: EHR Certification ( Electronic Health Record), Linux Professional Institute Certification A+ Networking, Many jobs just ask for an IT certification as well. Its amazing how in the computer industry the majority of certifications are in tech support, networking and IT. While did not have as many technical listings as the certifications that stood out the most were, CSWF IAT Level 1 Certified, MCSE, A, networking certifications, and Cisco…

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