Technology And Technology During The 21st Century Essays

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In the beginning of the 21st century we have developed many advanced technology never seen before and some of it only dreamed of in the minds of book writers and movie makers however, these possibly dangerous advances in technology may be our downfall. One of the many technologies that has been developed in the technology age of the 21st century is nanotechnology. This technology allows for some good things such as medical uses but, it is dangerous because of its small size it could destroy the body, it can be used for dangerous laser weapons that can destroy aircraft with one easy shot. You might even be able to compare it to the technological advancements from the beginning of the 20th century. Those technologies were developed to end The Great War (a.k.a. WW1) and they changed warfare forever. One such technology which was banned from warfare permanently and is outlawed by almost every country in the world.

In recent years nanotechnology has been developed and used for many different purposes such as medical and military use. Nanotech has been used to produce the solid state laser weapon which is used by the U.S. Navy and according to Hitashi Nasu a journalist for the Global Journal “the rapid development of nanotechnologies over the last decade has enabled significant improvement of different components of the solid state laser system that makes it deployable as a weapon” (Nasu). This weapon could be the start of a new arsenal of weapons that may actually become the…

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