Technology And Social Media 's Role Of Cultural Competence Education

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Technology & Social Media’s Role in Cultural Competence Education

With the internationalization of technical exchanges and the increasing popularity of

social media in the everyday lives of today’s society, the need for cultural competence education

has become the focus of educators as well as the technical community. Cultural competence is

the capacity to change one’s attitudes, values and behavior so as to be open and flexible with

other cultures and has become increasingly crucial for individuals to survive in our globalized

1 The phenomenon of globalization has opened the possibility to decrease cultural

diversity through the means of technology and social media. “Culture is a learned system of

meanings that fosters a particular sense of shared identity-hood and community-hood among its

group members. It is a complex from of reference that consists of a pattern of traditions, beliefs,

values norms, symbols and meanings that are shared to varying degrees by interacting members

of an identity group”

(Ting-Toomey & Takai, 2006, pg. 691) There are many different cultures


worldwide which makes it imperative for everyone to foster intercultural communicative

competence in order to take an active role in today’s world.

Technology has been a contributor in making media the most influential in the opinions

of the industrialized as well as developing countries. There are several web-based technologies

such as email, chat and video conferencing that have become…

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