Technology And Relationships

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Technology is, “the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to prevent problems” (Merriam-Webster). Viewing the world from behind a smartphone, computer, or any electronic is how most people view the world today. Electronics are a form of technology that seems to improve once a month changing the way the world is viewed. The use of technology can be viewed from the lenses of sociocultural, psychological, and scientific, amongst many perspectives. I chose to look through the scientific lens using the perspectives of a business, a social media user, and a couple.
Humans have been involved in relationships since the first human arose from the Great Rift Valley. Relationships have evolved from simple gestures to, “couples[s] decide[ing] to go “Facebook official” (FBO)”” (Seidman). According to Seidman, a doctor who used scientific journals as evidence to the ways Facebook changes relationships, the use of technology has changed the definition of a
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Most relationships need technology to survive, considering long distance and business trips. Positives of technology are easy access, integrate friends, and practice maintenance. People generally use, “Facebook as a venue for… contact after an initial face-to-face meeting” (Seidman). The communication aspect of social media allow for each member of the relationship to understand what the other is doing. Social networks, “provides a great convenience for couples to interact with each other’s social networks, making the integration of friends easier than ever” (Seidman). A commonality today is long-distance relationships, “Facebook allows people to communicate with their romantic partners easily, at a distance” (Seidman). Long-distance relationships are hard and were impossible before technology, but now FaceTime, skype, Facebook, and many other social media methods allow couples to keep long-distance

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