Social Media And Romantic Relationships

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As of 2015 about 45% of the world’s populations has access to the internet. That means out of the 7.2 billion people in this world 2.1 billion of those people have social media accounts. Out of the 2.1, 1.7 billion people have active social media accounts, and is steadily continuing to rise. Due to the continuing rise in the use of social media, social media has the power to affect relationships that are offline. Social media has it’s benefits when it comes to connections of people in romantic relationships, but with the benefits of it, there also comes the negatives of it.There is a common misperception that relationships only form or blossom through the use of social media in a positive light, but studies recently show a different side to …show more content…
Compared to people who are online in relationships, they are able to find more information on their partners than if they were in a traditional relationship without the online aspect interfering in their lives. Adolescents even found that social media indeed does play a big part in romantic relationships. Researchers conducted a study and found that adolescents know the impact that social media plays on relationships. They were found to have realized that social media does elicit jealousy and forms of controlling behavior. Not only did they develop these bias opinions of others from the content on their page, but they found that when they commented or liked someone’s post elicited negative thoughts and jealousy. “respondents indicated that they became jealous when their romantic partner liked or commented on pictures and status updates of other boys or girls. Especially, if those comments included compliments on one 's appearance.” Adolescents also indicated that they are aware that there is more monitoring and controlling behavior when it comes to social media. In the article Joris Ouytsel illustrates, “ sharing passwords in order to have the ability to control each other 's social networking site accounts or logging into the partners ' account without their permission, (2) controlling whether messages sent through Facebook or apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to the romantic partner are read, and (3) controlling the friends ' list on one 's profile pages” This is seen as a big form of lack and jealousy in the relationship because of the way that control is being used through the use of social

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