Technology and Organizational Structure Essay

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Technology and Organizational Structure
Wanda Armour
University of Phoenix

Technology and Organizational Structure
This paper represents the research on how technology interacts with organizational structure. Two companies will be identified to compare and contrast their organizational structures. A matrix will be included to summarize the findings.
Organizational structure in today’s complex multi-dimensional organizations is the connection that holds the infrastructure together to achieve the organizations goals. It is the patterns or arrangement of groups of jobs within an organization. It is also a process that requires organizational re-structuring as the company grows. Historically industry has shifted from
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One of the disadvantages to a matrix organizational structure is keeping communication channels clear so that potential conflicts do not arise and hinder organizational functioning (Reference for Business, n.d.). As corporations become worldwide the process of restructuring is inevitable, as they must respond to challenges on a global level. The foundation of Toyota is respect of its people and continuous improvement through the ‘Toyota Way’ which is summarized by five keywords; "Challenge," "Kaizen," "Genchi Genbutsu," "Respect" and "Teamwork" ("The Toyota Way," n.d).
The Watson’s a Creative Company, is an ad agency. They have a decentralized organic organizational structure that is simple and low in formalization. All parts of the organization need each other as an interdependence relationship improves functioning. As an organic organization they need to stay flexible in dealing with customers and in creating concepts for television commercials and print advertisement (Field, n.d.).
I recently visited the Watson’s ad agency and I found a confortable informal environment with a small staff and their dogs. It seemed quite remarkable that a company with such clients as ‘Whole Foods’, ‘Metropolitan Home Magazine’ and many others could work as a community. However it is in line with their mission statement of building lasting

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