Technology And Its Impact On Us Essay

813 Words May 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Technology has always been an essential need for mankind. It has been a widespread phenomenon, ever since God created human beings. It has the full power of shaping and controlling our lives. Technology is considered a major factor that can have a positive or a negative impact on us. It has the ability to fully comfort and satisfy the people’s needs and desires, or make them suffer in their present and future as well, due to their own creations. The use of technology differs from a person to another, as it requires both money and knowledge, by which it ranges from simple tools to nuclear weapons. There are various classifications in the field of technology, evolving around us, as natural sciences, medical and health sciences, social sciences, Agricultural sciences, engineering, astronomy, humanities, etc. Over the past decades, technology has been significantly developed to the extent that we, as humans, are no longer able to determine its boundaries. Technology is evolving each and every day, by which we have been surrounded by it from the moment we wake up till we sleep. During the past 20 years, technologies have been apparently improved to the extent that we became capable of communicating and interacting with the entire universe freely, without any barriers. No doubt, the human developments will never stop, as it is quite hard to predict the technology that would be available during the next 20 years in our lives. People never expected to have a portable wireless life,…

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