Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Since the beginning of time, man has innovated, created, and invented. This is the only way man has managed to survive and gradually develop into what they have become today. As their inventions began with ideas as simple as spears and even fire, the most recent inventions of today’s day and age have become very advanced and complex. Humans compose most of the more recent inventions of circuits and their components, which control the power source known as electricity, and use it to power the device. Technology is what humans classify these inventions as; whether electricity powers the tool or not, humans consider it as technology. Technology is not only used for human convenience, but is also used for human survival in many ways. In recent years, technology has had such a major impact on society that human beings rely on it for almost everything in their daily routine. Technologies impact on society is, in many ways, the key to human survival and evolution.

When thinking about the impact technology has on society, we must begin by looking at where it began. As previously mentioned, it all began with inventions just as simple as fire and spears. Human beings (or the more primitive versions of the humans we know today) were in need of a tool with which they could hunt and kill animals. This is where the first engineers came into the picture. Ordinarily, these men took large pieces of wood, and sharpened them to a point which could penetrate the skin. They then used this new…

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