Technology And Its Effects On The Classroom Essay

1347 Words Apr 3rd, 2015 6 Pages
As technology increases new pieces are being used around us, more specifically, in the classrooms. Some people believe that technology such as laptops hinder our learning efficiency while other argue that they can help students. The introduction of laptops to the educational process is controversial to many teens. Even though laptops removed the book factor, they are dampening the learning process, because it creates a distraction, they are difficult to use and it only helps assist the users in finding greater ways to cheat, which is why sticking to pencil and paper is the correct way to go about learning. Students are given a laptop with enough internet access to enjoy any movie, article, game, etc. With these sorts of opportunities, of course plenty of students are going to take advantage of this and waste away the precious hours that they could be paying attention to the lecture or taking down the notes that are needed for later review. A student from Franklin high school says “Even if you want to stay focused, it is just so tempting with the Chromebooks inches away… Very few teenagers would choose listening to a lecture over playing a game on their shiny new laptop. [Robinson]” Coming directing from a student this is one of many that would agree and vouch for this. Not only games can be played, but social media. Teens are all over the internet now with smartphones constantly being glued to their hands. The teenagers given the laptops were returned daily with problems,…

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