Essay Technology And Its Effect On Human Development

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Many real word problems have an interdependencies property among the criteria or candidate project, the interdependencies can be classified into three types: (1) technical interdependencies, (2) resource interdependencies, (3) benefit interdependencies [79].Technical interdependencies between projects may arise, if the success or failure of one project related to other project. Resource interdependencies came from sharing rare resource between different projects. One hand product life cycle is shortening, so companies are being forced to develop and increase the number of new product. In other hand the continual of evolution technology requires more and specialization resource to be increased, however resource interdependence arise for example when the sharing of cost and software resource among multiple IS project or the sharing of technology and design resource among multiple subproject in automobile industry, for instance if a design for one subproject in AI is used in the second subproject, benefit interdependencies occur when the total benefits to the organization derived from implementing two related subproject increase because of their synergistic effect. For these interdependencies among different criteria provides saving cost and greater one organization.
One of the main issues in automobile industry is the managing a new product development organization for a complex product, in one instance through firm cars consists of different components and…

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