Technology And Interpersonal Communication : How Technology Affects The Way We Speak

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Technology and Interpersonal Communication

How technology and social media have impacted the way we speak to each other face-to-face.

I remember the first time I was cognitively aware that it was happening. It was out at dinner at a popular downtown pub. As I took to my seat and awaited my order I scanned the restaurant and that’s when it caught my eye: a family out to eat together. Two parents and two young teens. Neither of them spoke a word to one another, nor did they look at each other. Instead, the screens on their phones lit up their face in the dimly lighted pub as they stared down their phones, tuning out the company around them. The scene was familiar and saddening. It wasn’t just the one family. It was multiple families and multiple groups of co-workers and gathering of friends. My mind escalated from saddened to concerned. Is this what society has become? Are we to neglect a very basic human trait that makes us unique from every other species on the planet, if not the universe for an inanimate object? Concern escalated to irritation as my mind jumped to conclusion about the human race. But just then I became distracted: a glimpse of light beneath my eyes as a new text message populated my phone screen in my very own hands. I was no exception to my recent scrutiny. Technology has changed communication forever.
So, it’s not completely fair to paint a bad picture of technology just yet. While technology has altered communication, it has made several methods of…

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