Teaching Quality The Australian Professional Standards For Teachers

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It is widely recognised that teacher quality is a strong determinant of student achievement (Hanushek & Welch, 2006; Hattie, 2009; Leigh & Ryan, 2008; Rowe, 2006). However the quality of teaching varies markedly across Australian schools (Hanushek & Rivkin, 2010; Leigh & Ryan, 2008). To improve teaching quality the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) prescribes elements of high-quality, effective teaching and expected knowledge and ability for teachers across four career stages: Graduate, Proficient, Highly Accomplished and Lead (AITSL, 2014). Good quality teachers get to know their students and how they learn (Adams & Peirce, 2004, Levy, 2008). This student-focused aspect of quality teaching is the discussion point of this essay, relevant to the first APST: ‘Know students and how they learn’ (AITSL, 2014) (the Standard). An overview of the Standard is provided, followed by a comparison and contrast of the differences between Graduate and Lead teachers in accordance with focus areas of the Standard. The essay further demonstrates how a Graduate teacher could demonstrate achievement of the Standard. Within the Professional Knowledge domain of the APST, the first Standard refers to a teacher’s ability to draw on their professional knowledge and research to respond to their students’ inherent developmental and learning predispositions and diverse backgrounds. A broad knowledge of the theories relating to these areas assists teachers in…

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