Essay Teaching Quality Of The School

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“There are also rumors of school officials coaching students on how to fill out there forms( Reese. 1998)”(Clarke 2007), these forms being surveys on the teaching quality of the school. This citation, rather than being a claim supporting Clarke’s article, serves more like a mood-setter that leads her readers into a state where its easier for the her to convey his ideas.

On the matter of these influences ' affects on students, Meredith, Ehrenberg and Clarke all agree that they are mostly negative, especially to students with less fortunate background, and implied or directly pointed out that public school students are suffering the most. Meredith claims that “USNWR ranking appear to have a greater effect on admission outcomes at public schools” (Meredith,2004) and contribute the reason to public’s schools less flexibility “to adjust net tuition in response to changes in USNWR rank”(Meredith,2004), well supported by Meredith’s own research data, this claim of fact indicates less chance for students applying to public schools with good ranking, many of whom are from a less fortune background,to be accepted even though they are perfectly qualified, since public universities, good ones especially, are already well known for their disproportional rate between applications received and accept.

Ehrenberg also sees this inequality caused by ranking and took are much more aggressive standing by claiming that “the real shame is that this (ranking) competition” seems to have made…

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