Teaching Mathematics Through Problem Solving Essay example

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In addition, it is observed that many curriculums or textbooks do not provide an adequate number of non-routine problems from which teachers can choose. This rather affects teachers’ use of problem solving approach in mathematics teaching since they mostly rely on the prescribed textbooks as their source of information (McIntosh, Jarret, & Peixotto, 2000). Such phenomenon is similar in most Ethiopian universities.
Moreover, textbooks and assessments regimes used in the school and the time schedule for mathematics lessons are hindrances to the teaching of mathematics through problem solving (Anderson, Sullivan & White,2004). Hence, conservative teaching methods by other teachers in the school as well as parents ' demands for the preparation of their wards for competitive examinations were other factors identified as impediments to the implementation of problem-solving instructions in the mathematics classroom (Anderson, Sullivan & White 2004).
According to Saleh (2009), limited time for mathematics lessons and problem solving approach not needed in answering examination questions were some of the reasons hindering the teaching of mathematics through problem solving. The teachers in this study hold the view that teaching of mathematics through problem solving was time-consuming.
In some situations teachers expressed a lack of resource materials available for teaching problem solving in their mathematics classrooms .The culture of the school can hinder teacher 's planning…

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