Teaching English As A Second Language Essay

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For example, as an Arabic native speaker and previous English language learner and a current English as a foreign language instructor, and a future assistant professor at the University of Jeddah who has been involved in multicultural and multilingual contexts for several years, I produced a paper to investigate language use, motivation and attitudes towards foreign language learning. Through this investigation I learned how attitudes about language use influence the way some Arabic students identify themselves as well as the way they feel and perceived by others.
At the graduate level, I received my degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from the university of Texas, San Antonio that opened my eyes to new arenas and enhanced my understanding of second language learning based on different dimensions. Courses like, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics and computer assisted language learning, have prepared me to second language teaching field. As a highly motivated person after the Master 's in Teaching English as a Second Language, it is my current desire to contribute to the research concerning Language Literacy and Culture through further studies. After I earned my Master’s degree, I got my job as a lecturer at the University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Currently, I am enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley for a pre- Ph.d certificate. For this certificate I am taking three graduate level classes at the school of Education. Additionally, I have…

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