Race And Inequality

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In the Pew Study On views of Race and Inequality, researchers found profound differences between black and White Americans perspectives on race and race relationships. The article finds that black and white Americans tend to have not only different perceptions over racial equality, but also about the current and future state of race relations. Thus, this Pew survey demonstrates how exposure and demographics can cause the different views on racial issues and how these differences can be carry to maintain racism alive by enabling colorblind practices and other structural forces to cause discrimination.
In the Pew Survey On Views of Race and Inequality, researchers found how exposure and demographics can cause the different views on racial issues.
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In his book, Racism without Racists, Eduardo Bonilla- Silva describes the colorblind practices that keep racism in our society. Bonilla- Silva defines colorblind practices as an ideology used by the dominant group to hide race and discrimination away from racially motivated practices. According to Bonilla-Silva, this means that instead of race being portrayed violently like it was in the Civil Rights movement, racism is now displayed in a more liberal sense (Bonilla Silva, 2003). In other words, race issues are now used in concordance with liberal values to argue that if blacks are not successful is because of their individual failures as opposed to institutional inequality. Bonilla-Silva mentions that people, in particular, white individuals use colorblind practices to deny the existence of racism because that will replace them from their social hierarchy and force them as a dominant group to share the same status quo with people from the bottom of the social hierarchy. Thus, Bonilla-Silva concludes that people use colorblind practices as a way to protect not only their status as powerholders, but also their identity as nonracist (Bonilla-Silva,2003). Hence, the Pew survey reveals these colorblind practices that people use to maintain their power race relationships, while keeping racism …show more content…
For example, the Pew survey did not only found that white Americans tend to have generally different views from people of color, but that they also contrasted greatly on views about quality and racism itself. Although, exposure and the distinct demographics can explain why there is a discrepancy, we still don’t know the reason. However, what we know is that these different views are affecting people of color since they are used to relation with colorblind practices to negate that the existence of racism is happening. Finally, these racial differences can also turn into discrimination if they are used as a political and social tool to affect other structural forces. It is possible that due to these reasons, many African Americans have been unable to establish economic and social

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