Teaching Counseling Skills And An Effective Counselor Essay example

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Introduction Throughout this course, this writer has been challenged to practice counseling skills on either herself or volunteers to get use to the practice and implementing various techniques. This writer has gained additional awareness into what the counseling relationship looks like as well as how to challenge the client, problem solve, collect and reframe the story, identify possibilities, set goals, implement a plan, and ultimately lead the client to termination and maintenance. This paper is a reflection of what she has learned throughout this course.
Skills and Strengths This writer feels that the most significant information she learned about the skills required to be an effective counselor is when to utilize the techniques of empathy, probing, summarizing, and challenging. This writer feels that throughout her work in the behavioral health field, she has learned the importance of the counseling relationship and how empathy, probing, summarizing, and challenging plays a role, however through this class this writer has learned how and when to appropriately implement these techniques to produce desires results and build a better rapport overall. This writer was not surprised by any skills throughout this course, but did learn how challenging a client who isn’t ready can be complicated and requires much skill and reflection on the counselor’s part to ensure that the clients agenda and needs are what is driving the process.
This writer feels that a strength she has…

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