Teachers Should Be A Preschool Teacher Essay examples

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In a couple of year after high school, she will become a preschool teacher. She will be helping young children that are still managing to make it out of preschool; most children do not know why all teachers want to become a preschool teacher. In a yearly average preschool teacher, make about $32,000 a year because the teachers would make a yearly average around $56,000 because they have work as a preschool, middle, and high school teacher.
To become a preschool teacher you would need a high school diploma , all teachers should have a high school diploma because if want to become a teacher you would need an associate degrees and a high school diploma that would be good for child development associate ( CDA) credentials . Some licensing boards may need their own preschool teacher in training programs. Training Programs are state by the law or the federal government because they have to have a young, smart, well-dressed professional teacher working with young children.
If you have associate’s degrees, some principles or employer’s prefer to hire a preschool teacher with an associate’s degrees in early childhood education or child development. Associate’s degree programs in early education are available at community colleges and technical schools and preparing students for entry positions in early childcare.
Teachers also need a bachelor’s degree because in early childhood education can also qualify as a young teacher to teach younger preschoolers from Pre-k through third…

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