Teachers Impact A Student Life And Usually Those Are The Ones

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Many teachers impact a student life and usually those are the ones who come back for advice and motivation. Sometimes I think about teachers not realizing the students that have impacted. As for me, I see it as a teachers gift, something parents can 't even do. The teacher I chose to do my interview is Ms.A. This person is an amazing teacher she has a love for teaching kids. She explained she started the thought of teaching as a child she also had a great volunteer experience at a school. I 've seen the teacher teach and she 's very serious about her students and the material she is teaching. Although they 're all in the SPED (Special Education) program, they can be a handful. From what I 've been told many teachers after one year of teaching SPED many have decided to go to general education. Master’s in adapting

Ms. A dedicated herself to not be those who switch over to General Ed. While, she did have difficult time in the beginning of the year, she learned to love the
"Special" environment. To start off, Ms.A is a twenty-eight year old unmarried woman. She has no kids and she has a very serious personality. Also studied at FIU
(Florida international University) for all her degrees. A spectacular degree in general education and in special education both master’s. Although, I have had ask her which educational branch was she preferred teaching, she replied general Ed. I was shocked by her answer, but she always wanted to do general Ed. The reason why she ended up doing…

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