Teacher Quality And Student Achievement Essay

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Eric Hanushek has thought-provoking views on teacher quality along with his criticism of the current K-12 education policies. He is a Stanford University professor who has researched the teacher quality in education. In fact, he argues that the standard of measures of quality for teachers such as educational attainment and experience do not show increased student performance. Hence, many teachers without the education background and experience produce higher student achievement. This difference in the ability to cover the curriculum with students means a decreased future earning capacity for those students. Hanushek then describes some education reforms that he supports that will have a greater impact on the achievement of students. Hanushek describes a relationship between teacher quality and student achievement. He states that having a Master 's degree does not raise the quality of a teacher. Better teachers are 3 times more productive than other teachers so their students learn more in a year than other teachers. He says having a good teacher 3 to 4 times in a row would bring substantial achievement gains for students in disadvantaged areas. In order, to have these substantial achievement gains, he suggests that a teacher should have an undergraduate degree in the area that he or she will teach as well as come from the top 25% of their graduating class. According to Hanushek, Piopiunik, & Wiederhold (2014), the top-performing systems we studied recruit their…

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