Essay on Teacher Philosophies Of Education And Education

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All teachers have their own personal philosophy that shape the way they teach. Teacher led philosophies of education are different compared to student led philosophies of education. We see the difference by looking at five major educational philosophies. I’ll begin with essentialism and perennialism which are both teacher led philosophies that tend to be more conservative and authoritarian. They don’t take students interest into consideration during lessons they only focus on teaching the essential core curriculum for example languages, science, mathematics, history and foreign languages. They believe all students should achieve high standards in their education, they assess their students’ achievements with test scores. If the students master the required information they are promoted to the higher grade. Essentialist frown upon vocational curriculum. Essentialist expect every school to go back to basics and teach their students to be morally grounded and develop character. Students should be taught respect, hard work, life basics, authority and discipline for them to apply this knowledge to become model citizens in the real world. Essentialist classrooms are filled with masses of students in rows of desks only listening to the teacher and note taking.
Perennialism is also a teacher led education approach. Perennialism means “everlasting,” like a perennial flower that comes up year after year which in turn describes that the philosophical concepts have lasted over…

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