Essay on Teacher And Student Online Interactions

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Teacher and Student Online Interactions The issue of students and teachers being “friends” on social media is a debate that is very subjective. Those against, say that relationships can occur between teachers and students, but others say that social media is a helpful tool. I agree that schools should allow professors and students to use social media; there are solutions that can change the opinions of people in opposition to this subject. Teachers and coaches are able to use current technology to quickly and conveniently notify students about important information and it enables students to learn about Internet safety. “’I call my Facebook an extended classroom,’ [says] Carol Thebarge, who worked as a substitute teacher for 35 years”. By allowing online interactions, the school community can communicate without so many complications. First, many people, especially parents, feel that if teachers and students interact on social media then relationships could occur or students could witness some inappropriate (personal) behavior from a professors. These are completely legitimate arguments, but instead of prohibiting all online communication let’s resolve this issue. Many districts have enforced new policies made by the Missouri School Boards Association, “decreeing that staff members must use district-approved devices when communicating electronically with students.” The guidelines make supervision of students and faculty members easier. Facebook friendships are a prime…

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