Teach Like A Pirate By Dave Burgess Essay

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Book Overview I read the book Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess (2012). This book is not a step-by-step manual that makes us better educators, it simply talks about how we as educators can use creativity and motivation to enhance student engagement, as well as, boost passion and energy within ourselves to create an environment that is warm, inviting, and empowering. The author divides the book into three parts: Part 1, the word “PIRATE” is broken down into six chapters. In Chapter 1, the “P” represents the word “Passion”, in Chapter 2, the “I” represents “Immersion”, in Chapter 3, the “R” represents “Rapport”, in Chapter 4, the “A” represents “Ask and Analyze”, in Chapter 5, the “T” represents “Transformation”, and in Chapter 6, the “E” represents “Enthusiasm”. In Part 2, “Crafting Engaging Lessons”, focuses on educators developing “hooks” to grab the students’ attention, as well as, engage participation, and develop more in-depth thinking processes. Finally, in Part 3, “Building a Better Pirate”, focuses on how we can become great educators by figuring out where to start and find crew members like other educators to jump aboard to spread motivation, creativity, and participation throughout the student population.
The PIRATE Acronym To become successful educators, we must incorporate different strategies and ideas that keep our students from becoming bored with the materials we are teaching. So, how can we do this? To keep our students focused and more engaged in…

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