Tda 2.1 Child and Young Person Development. 1.1 & 1.2 Essay

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TDA 2.1 Child and young person development.

1.1 & 1.2

Age Physical development Communication and intellectual development Social, emotional and Behavioural development
Birth to 3 months Looks at hands.
Plays with fingers.
Clasps hands.
Holds a rattle.
Lifts head and chest up.
Brings hands together over body.
Waves arms.
Can lift head and turn when on front. Cries when basic needs require attention.
Vocalises when spoken to and when alone. Watches primary carers face.
Coos and smiles.
Enjoys cuddles and being handled.

3 to 6 months Reaches for a toys.
Moves a toy from one hand to another.
Put objects into mouth.
Waves arms to show that they wish to
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Can hold a crayon.
May be able to draw a face.
Can throw large balls.
Walk upstairs on alternate feet and walk on tiptoe.
Can kick a ball with some skill.
Jumps from low steps. Can concentrate for longer at activities which interest them.
Begin recognising shapes and letters.
Can solve puzzles through reasoning and trial and error.
Play co-operatively with other children and can take turns.
Expanding vocabulary.
Use of plurals.
Can hold a simple conversation.
Enjoys repetition of favourite stories and songs.
Can count to ten.
Knows most primary colours.
Use some number language such as ‘’more’’ and ‘’a lot’’.
May be able to recite some number names in sequence.
Begin to make comparisons between quantities.
Begin to categorize objects according to properties such as size and shape.
Beginning to understand variations in size. Have a sense of identity including gender and age.
Show concern for other children.
Tries to be independent.
Less anxious about separation.

3 years to 4 years Can button and unbutton clothing.
Walks in a line.
Can cut out a simple shape.
Can aim and throw a ball.
Can draw a person with head, body and legs.
Can hop on one foot.
Can brush own teeth.

Use reasoning based on their own experiences.
Begin to use and understand symbols such as writing and beginning to read.
Start to understand simple rules in games.
Play co-operatively and take turns.
Talk clearly so anyone can

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