Taxes On Junk Food Projects Essays

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Taxes on junk food projects different opinions from people, while some desire there to be taxes on junk food so that people would start to eat better others say that there shouldn’t be a tax. As exciting as taxing junk foods seems, there are people that, even if there was taxes, would still want to buy the foods. Putting taxes on foods will also cause people to still eat the food because they will not care if it is more expensive than what it usually would be.
I read many articles on this issue of taxing junk food. One of the articles was called, “Bad Food? Tax it and Subsidize Vegetables,” by Mark Bittman, and the other one was called, “Taxing Junk Food to Counter Obesity.” Although they are both about taxing junk food, they are each different in their own ways. Both of them are of about equal lengths but the first article contains information mostly about how putting a tax on junk foods would be good for everyone. It discussed how Americans are eating unhealthy and that there needs to be a change. It also talked about what the government might do about it and at the end it discussed what would happen as a result of taxing junk food.
The second article covered pretty much the same information as the first article but it went into more detail. At the beginning it talked about how they wanted to create two taxes which would cover a nutrient tax and a food and beverage category tax. When they talked about the types of taxes they said what they would do with each tax and if it…

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