Tattoo Interview Essay

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The survey was passed out to a total of 68 people, of which, 37 were female and 30 were male. Originally, we wanted to pass out at least 100 surveys to ensure a representative sample, however, many of the barriers, as previously mentioned, took place. Nevertheless, we found some interesting results. For females, we gathered that 21.6% had tattoos while 78.4% of our sample did not. For those who had tattoos, 13.5% reported only having one and 8.1% had 2 to 3 on them. A majority of the women who had tattoos had images on their bodies (8.6%) while the others simply had words (2.7%) or other (5.4%). The remaining percentage went to those who had both images and words (5.4%).
For those that did not have tattoos, we then asked them a serious of questions determining whether they were open to getting tattoos in the future. Out of the 78.4% of women who did not currently have a tattoo, 27% said they did not consider ever getting one. 37.8% said yes to getting one, while 13.5% were simply unsure. When those who said they
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What we had originally hypothesized, was that males would have more tattoos, in addition to wanting to get some later. Another thing that impacted our survey results was the areas in which we passed them out. We saw a slight pattern between the outside participants and the Pepperdine students. The 15 surveys we passed out at Pepperdine, had the most men who reported that they did not have a tattoo and that they would never consider having one. We assumed this result was due to the conservative nature of this Christian school. Other than that, we still found many of the participants to be conservative in the context of tattoo possession. Even though our survey was slightly skewed for the lack of male participation, we believe our results to be somewhat representative of the areas surrounding

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