Essay on Taragon

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Tarragon Against hiccup; one of the four fines herbes of French cooking, and is particularly suitable for chicken, fish and egg dishes

Oregano an antiseptic, as well as a cure for stomach and respiratory ailments; Philippines to eliminate the odor of carabao or water buffalo when boiling it, while simultaneously imparting flavor, the staple herb of Italian-American cuisine

Turmeric remedy for stomach and liver ailments, as well as topically to heal sores, China used for treatment of various infections and as an antiseptic; one of the key ingredients in many Asian dishes, mostly used in savory dishes, an agent to impart a rich, custard-like yellow color, ingredient in most commercial curry powders. ( South and Southeast Asia)
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We find it amazing how you could touch and somehow have a taste of a different place by just having a little keychain.

What attracted us most in the gallery would be the tarpaulin which shows the drawings of the Philippine map by the geog 1 students of sir David Garcia. Surprisingly, some were close to the real shape but all of the drawings were wrong, one didn’t even have Palawan. For us, it just shows lack of knowledge regarding what our country really looks like. We students have to know more about our country since we are Filipinos and especially because we study in UP.
It also somehow shows that our desire and efforts to know more about our country is insufficient, People nowadays tend to crave more for foreign stuff like kpop, even studying their language but doesn't show the

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