Taoism : The Way Of Life Essay

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Taoism is the way of life, it is known as a philosophy or religion that is mostly practiced in China. There are many practices in Taoism that exist. Taoism is based upon human and nature (“Welcome To personal Tao - personal Tao”). The word Tao applies to an endless path going in one direction. Taoism was founded by a man named Lao Tzu who believed the easy way out was the way to go. To go with the flow and let life run its course. That was the way to happiness. It is said that Taoism is the oldest religion in the world and is still practiced today. Taoism is not well known in the west (“Wu, Annie”). Lao Tzu is the father of Taoism, He was the first Taoist. His name means “The old teacher.” Lao’s real name was Le Erh and he was born in the state of Chus. Most of his life he worked in the courts. Lao decided he was going to create this way of life because he was tired of no one paying attention to him. Lao is a legend. Lao sat down and during one sitting he wrote the Tao-Te Ching. After he wrote it, Lao had disappeared and wasn 't seen again. The Tao-te Ching was a document on good and evil referring to the symbol yin and yang (Wheeler kip L). “It is said that Laozi wrote the Tao Te Ching. But historians debate about whether he wrote the text, when Laozi lived, and whether he was a real historical person” (Wu, Annie.). This quote is saying did Lao actually write the Tao Te Ching when he was alive and was he actually a historical person.
Lao believed everything alive…

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