Talk It Out Nc Teen Drinking Ads Essay example

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Talk It out NC Teen Drinking Ads The NC Talk it out Ads, are a series of advertisements intended for the prevention of underage drinking. Each portray a different scenario of how underage drinking can lead to the harm or death of teens and the devastation that can leave their families. The ads depicts scenes, such as a teen girl dying on the ground, alone, after a party, and mothers crying over their children in emergency rooms or funeral homes. These ads come amid an outcry from North Carolina’s youth for more to be done to combat the issue, with 94% of young people believing this to be a serious issue (NC Talk-it-Out). The concern of youth is not mirrored by the adult population, of which, less than half believe that underage drinking is a serious issue (NC Talk-it-Out). Alcohol use, especially when consumed by people who are underage, can cause serious health and mental issues. More teens die of alcohol use than every other illicit drug combined (NC Talk-it-Out). The prevalence of alcohol use among teens is worrying; the average age that most kids try alcohol is fourteen, and 12.4% of 8th graders report binge-drinking (5+ drinks per occasion) in the last thirty days (NC Talk-it-Out). Adults who started drinking underage were five times more likely to abuse alcohol as adults. All this exposure to alcohol can produce some very negative effects, both physically and socially. A major example of how dangerous alcohol use can be to teens is the countless number of deaths…

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