Taking Children Into Education Programs Essay

1330 Words Nov 21st, 2014 null Page
Earlier Education "During their early years, children go through critical stages of development, and consistent, high-quality early childhood education can have long-lasting, beneficial effects on the overall development of children" (Davis). Putting children into education programs at a younger age could make all the difference. Starting a child 's education earlier would help them throughout their entire lives because those early years of life are the most influential and impactful. Going through pre-school or another early childhood education program will help children be better prepared to enter kindergarten. An expert in child policy, Julia Isaacs has found that more than half of lower class five-year-olds don 't have the math, reading, or behavioral skills needed to start kindergarten (Porter). Children should not have to be put into a classroom where they are already behind; the only thing this would cause is discouragement and the feeling of unintelligence in the child. However, if a child has gone through an education program prior to kindergarten, they will enjoy learning how to read, have better social skills, and have less behavioral problems. "When children find out that reading with a loving adult can be a warm, happy experience, they begin to build a lifelong love of reading" (Armbruster). Unfortunately, in today 's world, parents aren 't always able to provide this at home. "The family is no longer educationally productive" (Arnold). Although not true for…

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