Essay on table manner between china and america

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Table Manners between China and America Manners reflect one’s personality. Table manners are art that reveals one’s culture. There are many table manners around the world. It is also necessary to learn more table manners because of the rapid process of globalization. Using utensils, eating gestures, and serving food are different between China and America. Frist, using the utensils is different between China and America. In the United States, people would like to put their plate on the table when they are eating. On the contract, people in China would hold the bowl close to their mouth when they are eating, which is a polite action. When setting the bowl for the guest, it is …show more content…
On the other hand, if the host serves a drink, you can reject it in America, but in China, you have to drink when the host gives you some beverages, although you might not really want to drink. Because you have to respect the host in table. In addition, if you want to cooperative with the host, the host might want to cooperative with you because of your genuineness. Overall, the table manner are different between China and America. And it is also an essential knowledge to help you to understand other country’s culture. Furthermore, as long as you master this knowledge, some awkward situations can be prevented.

Chinese and American Table Manners

For people around the world today, eating is life. But you cannot eat in whatever ways you like, for you might bother someone else on the eating table. That’s why there are table manners: a type of etiquette used when eating. Different cultures have different standards for table manners. And next, we are going to compare the Chinese table manner and the American one.
First, let us begin with their similarities. Chinese people put communal chopsticks on the shared plates of food, while the American uses forks and spoons as communal utensils on the dishes like the salad bowl. Another thing in common is that they both forbid the playing with utensils. You cannot wave them or bang them like drumsticks, or use them to move the plates. Your two hands are asked to be in use. Hold your bowls in the Chinese

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