Systems Design and Analysis Essay

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Work-Related Project Analysis
Sheri Miller
March 7, 2016
John Neels

Work-Related Project Analysis
A work-related project analysis helps any business to predict the challenges they may face when implementing a new system to better their business. It is also a step done to help plan for the project, making the implementation phase go as smoothly as possible. A system analysis is taking a system the business is going to use to better their organization and breaking it down to see how it can better the business and what problems need to be fixed before implementing the system. It also predicts the cost of the system and the money it will save the business that is using it.
The system I am going to be using is the
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D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital knew that in order to install and implement this new system there needed to be an abundant amount of system analysis. Gathering information would be something that would benefit this company tremendously. Unfortunately, D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital was one the first rural health care facilities to start implementing Electronic Health Records. While they were able to gather information from many sources, they also realized that their facility was much different from the major city hospitals who has already implemented this process years before.
D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital knew implementing EHRs would be a big project for a small rural health care facility. It would impact every patient using the facility and it was also impact every employee that works for them. Since they knew this would be such a huge project for them they thought it was be a good idea to implement this slowly and offer individualized training to each staff member to make sure they are able to make the program as effective and the larger health care facilities that are using this technology.
Some of the obstacles they knew they would have to overcome were the cost and information available for implementing EHR into a small rural health care facility. “The limited information available on Health IT adoption in small, rural hospitals provides only modest guidance on how to manage the unique financial, structure and human resources that affect the

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