Syria Refugee Crisis Essay

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Elisabeth Novak
INTD 200
The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Canada is Not Playing its Role.
The Syrian civil war originating in 2011 has put millions in perilous situations, now involving most of the international community. With approximately 6.5 million people internally displaced, and millions more fleeing the country as refugees or seeking refugee status, the Syrian war has become a worldwide refugee crisis, in desperate need of international help1. Over the past couple decades, Canada has proved to be a leader in the acceptance of refugees from around the world, especially during a crisis. But as of today, the country has done little to fulfill its global role in protecting those affected in Syria, mainly due to processing delays
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Furthermore, delays have caused an accumulation of some 21,000 untouched applications13. These delays, as well as the constant change in the application format, are sources of frustration for many private sponsors who have yet to see the fruits of their labor.
Another source of frustration for the above-mentioned groups is the Conservative government’s lack of commitment to the aid of Syrian refugees, in the form of health coverage cuts. In 2012 it was announced that the government would no longer cover supplemental health costs, as this was seen as a waste of taxpayers’ money.14 This entails that sponsors or various not-for-profit organizations will now have the added responsibility of providing financial support to refugees, should they require additional health care. Many private groups are discouraged and consider abandoning the program, as they do not see any progress in the near future15.
Since ISIS, known as the Islamic State, took control over the Syria in September 2014, the human abuse and atrocities lived by Syrians have only become worse. Fear is instilled in the hearts of citizens, and thousands wish to flee the chaos and barbaric atmosphere. With the United Nations predicting the “greatest yet refugee flow since the start of the Syrian civil war” in these next few months16, Canada has the obligation to increase its

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