Pros And Cons Of On-Site Daycare

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The topic for this synthesis will be about on-site daycare. On-site daycare is when the employer provides the employee with daycare, either attached, or in the same vicinity of the employee. On-site day care is becoming more common as employers are attracting high quality employees by providing this simple luxury. Employers should consider offering on-site daycare, as it improves morale by saving the employee’s time, and lets the employee feel more safe knowing that their child is nearby in the event of an emergency.

Five of the resources mention the positives, while one source mentions the negatives, and another one mentions the cost and liabilities. When writing a proposal, whether the writer is for or against the proposal, it is always best practice to include both sides as the person reviewing the proposal for action will then be fully informed and be able to respond with an answer more quickly.

One of
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