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Synthesis Essay
The results are in. You scan through the dark words on the bright white paper, your hands shaking and your heart racing. The perpendicular lines seeming to pop off of the page. Positive. You have brain cancer and your doctor gives you only a few months to live. Time stops. You are thrown into a life of medical treatments and doctor visits. Now, you have a decision to make. Will you let this diagnosis get the best of you and keep you from living your life, or will you push through the pain and enjoy what little time you have left on this earth? Recent scientists believe no one is capable of making extreme decisions, such as this one, in a wise, well thought out manner. Evidence shows that several factors can thwart our attempts to think rationally and make sensible decisions, but we can overcome these factors. There are several ways to train our brains to recognize these interrupting factors and to work around them. Like anything in life, logical decision-making has obstacles, such as personal biases or stressful circumstances; however, if we change our outlook, we can successfully overcome these stumbling blocks.

As we form biases about specific things or groups of people, it is often difficult to make logical, well thought out decisions. Biases create incorrect views of people that can contribute to an illogical thinking process. In an experiment by Dolly Chugh, Katherine Milkman, and Modupe Akinola, posing as fictional students with stereotypical race…

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