Synopsis Of ' Theo 203 ' Essay

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Dhwani Patel
Fr Julian von Duerbeck
THEO 203 - A
19 September 2016
Exaltation of the Cross

The mass commenced after everyone was properly seated at the nave. With the accompaniment of an entrance Hymn and Incense, the Priest (Father Julian von Duerbeck) and the Scholas (Benet Academy students) entered the church with the Scholas holding the crucifix and the thurible. This walk to the altar is known as the procession of the ceremony. Once the Priest and the Scholas approached the sanctuary, the Scholas took their seat and the Priest circled around the altar with the thurible. Following this ritual, the Priest then bowed to all that were seated at the sanctuary as well as the altar (as the altar is believed to be Christ himself) took his seat as well (Carstens and Martis 133).
This liturgy involves every attending individual during the celebration. According to my understanding of this ceremony, everyone took parts to read or sing their parts. At certain times, the Scholas sang, the Priest talked of what sounded to be some story from the Bible, and then another minister came to the podium and said a prayer. Due to being seated near the back of the nave, it was a challenge to see the ceremony and see which individuals took part. However, it was clear that the mass was primarily carried out using readings and songs sung by the Scholas. Everyone that was seated in the nave took part in the ceremony by reciting their own lines. For example, when the Priest with his extended…

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